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Dependable Rental Management Services In Greater Victoria

We Help You Manage Your Rental Properties Efficiently

Managing a property can be tough. Especially when you are not living in it. If you are a property owner who has rented your home to a tenant, you need someone who can continuously keep an eye on its condition. At Complete Residential Property Management Ltd., we do just that. We provide comprehensive rental management services, including reviewing contractor performance, taking significant court decisions, handling legislative changes, and maintaining records to help you stay ahead of the game. When you trust us with your rental unit, know that your real estate asset is in good hands.

Why Choose Complete Residential Property Management Ltd.

Earning and maintaining your trust and confidence is our number one priority. To achieve this, our staff consistently receives training in proactive management and team collaboration. Our property managers strive to know your priorities as well as the details of your unique rental situations. Unfortunately, there can be instances when the water may leak, facilities may experience mechanical problems, and tenants might misbehave. In such situations, our team quickly diagnoses the problem and interacts with reputable, reliable contractors for solutions. Here are some of the many advantages of hiring a professional property management company:

 Maximum Returns

You are able to get maximum returns on your property investment with minimum expense.

 Maintaining Relations

You maintain good relations with tenants without confronting them or giving in to their demands.

 No Complexity

There is no complexity as we offer comprehensive accounting and monthly statements.

 Peace Of Mind

You enjoy peace of mind as there is no need to keep abreast of the changing legislation.

 Discount Benefits

You get to enjoy the benefits of corporate discounts available on supplies and services.

 Expert Assistance

You get complete assistance from our team members who are an expert in the Residential Tenancy Act.

What Our Valued Clients Say

Extremely Helpful, Very Respectful, & Professional

"It is not often that we praise our colleagues from within the industry. So, we thought we should change that and share with all that the staff of Complete Residential was extremely helpful, very respectful, and professional when we needed their help. Kudos to Wendy, Jamie, and Anna! Thank you so much!"

Z. Siskin

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Rental Management Specialist

Our team utilizes their experience to expertly manage your rental units.

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