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Your Local Strata Management Experts in Greater Victoria

Manage Your Strata With Our Professionals’ Help

Do you need efficient strata management services in Greater Victoria? The Strata managers at Complete Residential Property Management Ltd. specialize in knowing the intricacies of various legal requirements mandated by the Strata Property Act and other legislation. We help you streamline large projects, such as remediation, significant building upgrades, and strata elections. Known for our competent property management solutions, preventative maintenance techniques, and 24 hours answering service, we aim to be your first choice service provider in town!

Our Strata Management Solutions Are Second To None

Our job is to take care of all the legal procedures on behalf of strata owners. Having knowledge of the industry, we also advise strata owners on the formulation of effective policies and provide expertise in their technical and operational needs. This, in turn, helps them improve their property value and increase income. We consider professionalism, flexibility, speed, and availability as the key aspects of great strata governance.

In addition, we also manage the financial affairs of the Strata Corporation, and provide regular documentation of all the transactions in great detail. We maintain excellent administrative records and track assets such as equipment, deposits, fines, vehicles, and personnel.

Our team maintains a list of owners, emergency contacts, and keys, as well as secure off-site backup for all accounting files. We offer effective communication and expertise in all areas of property management, including:

Complete Financial Records / Accounting
Maintenance / Construction
Annual Budget Preparation
Interpretation Of The Strata Property Act
Preventative Maintenance
Corporate Purchasing Power

What Our Valued Clients Say

Extremely Helpful, Very Respectful, & Professional

"It is not often that we praise our colleagues from within the industry. So, we thought we should change that and share with all that the staff of Complete Residential was extremely helpful, very respectful, and professional when we needed their help. Kudos to Wendy, Jamie, and Anna! Thank you so much!"

Z. Siskin

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Managing Your Strata

Hire us to get effective solutions for your strata management needs!

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